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  • For continuous measurements or series of measurements with high sample volumes
  • For low-viscous to slightly viscous samples
  • With highly accurate internal Peltier temperature control
  • Preinstalled and freely definable scales with conversions based on tables or formulas
  • Chemical-resistant materials such as measurement prism made of sapphire, measuring tray made of stainless steel
  • Also chemical resistant materials for the tubing and flow-through cell
  • Control with and without external software possible
  • Intuitive operation via state-of-the-art touchscreen display
  • Complete data recording and backup including audit trail
  • Flexible data export and simple data import with parameter processing via XML interface also possible
  • Flexible and method depending cleaning procedures adjustable
  • Compliance with global standards and norms


  • Routine analysis with high sample throughput
  • Quality control of raw materials and auxiliary materials
  • Monitoring of the production of semi-finished products and end products
  • Quality and purity control of raw materials and end products
  • Determination of the sugar concentration in juices and alcohol-free beverages
  • Determination of the alcohol or extract content in beer, spices, wine or spirits

Very important Equipment in Pharmaceutical & Cereal and grain milling. An ideal scientific method and instrument used for monitoring powder flow behaviour.

PFT Powder Flow Testers

The PFT Powder Flow Tester delivers quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior in industrial processing equipment. It is ideal for manufacturers who process powders daily and want to minimize or eliminate downtime and expense that can occur when hoppers discharge erratically or fail to discharge altogether.

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