About MHD

MHD was incorporated in 2004 under the laws of the republic of Uganda by 2 (two) Directors to open, run and manage a business trading in General Laboratory & Clinical Products as well as processing Equipment to offer support to the operations and functioning of; medical, scientific research and manufacturing sectors.

In order to achieve the aforementioned, we work closely with a number of partners who involved the manufacturing of cutting edge technologies with high demand in todays and future Laboratory to elucidate and make available the hidden fact in product formulation and development targeted for routine analysis and product compliancy.

All our partners have ISO accreditation meant for dedicated continual and accountable fixing of quality objectives.

We therefore bridge fact finding in cutting edge technologies and their applicable suitability to our esteemed customers.

We Serves wide market with range of Equipment and consumables from; water testing, food and beverages, biotechnology, life science, oil and mining exploration to Agro based human, plant and animal diagnostic.

We are currently operating in the following regional market; Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, Burundi, Malawi, DRC and South Sudan. And with our services we strive always to support the following areas;

  • Scientific and Medical Research
  • Water safety and Security
  • Exploration in mining and oil industry
  • Forensic and toxicological study
  • Increase Food safety and security
  • Increase surveillance in illicit drugs and narcotics detection
  • Regulatory institution Analytical Verification Program
  • Private Sector Industrialisation Quality Assurance Program

Our main Objective is to; Provide Quality services at a competitive price in line with our mission which is to achieve sustained profitable growth by providing quality services in Equipment and Consumable supplies, which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers.

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