aBi partners with Vision Group to promote agribusiness through Harvest Money platform

aBi has entered into a partnership with Vision Group to undertake the 2021/22 Harvest Money campaign with a new cash injection of UGX 80,000,000/= (Uganda shillings eighty million only)

The objectives of the partnership are to: champion a strong and competitive agribusiness sector and creating awareness on existing aBi opportunities especially in the area of Green Growth and sustainability; bridge the gap and linking farmers with various sector actors including financial institutions, development partners, private sector and government to stimulate sector participation; and facilitate knowledge sharing among key stakeholders especially promotion of the best practices for increased production, productivity, adoption of technology and innovations and efficiency using aBi’s knowledge and achievements.

Mr. Don Wanyama, Group CEO of Vision Group commended aBi’s support towards the harvest money campaign. He said that the expo will be rolled out to all regions of the country with the objective of reaching as many farmers as possible to educate them on good agronomic practices and markets. “We are using electronic platforms such as television and radio stations and digital outlets to reach the masses, majority of whom are in agriculture. The Harvest Money expo which is currently in its 6th year is primarily meant to link farmers to experts and information and adoption of technology to drive production and productivity”, said Don.

During the MoU signing ceremony Ms. Mona Muguma-Ssebuliba, aBi CEO said, “the harvest money partnership with Vision Group is meeting the expectations of all the partners and the agricultural sector in general hence, aBi is proud to be associated with it. aBi is fostering a pathway that supports smarter, more sustainable, and equitable growth of Uganda’s agriculture and agribusiness sector in order to: increase environmental and climate resilience of aBi, implementing partners and beneficiaries; enhance green technology financing for agriculture and agribusiness sector in Uganda; and promote green growth with less environmental and carbon footprint’’

Under the partnership New Vision will run a series of successful aBi supported small and medium agribusiness enterprises and farmers. Since the commencement of this partnership in 2018 aBi has injected over UGX 260m towards this strategic platform.


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