Product & Application Area

Food, water & Beverage, Paint, Herbal & Cosmetics Formulation and Development, R&D Quality Control

1- Viscometers: The latest and the most advanced Viscometer with unique features that customers want to see integrated in future model, meets the expectation in R & D, F&D and regulatory and sensitive quality control process, for further information go to;

2- Rheometers: Helps in Viscoelastic measurements by providing R&D users with advanced testing capabilities; for more information, go to;

3- Texture Analyzers:  An applied integrated instrumental scientific method to the measurement and analysis of product texture; Broad categories of packaging materials, foods of all types, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and mechanical devices for more information go to

4- Powder Flow Testers: An ideal scientific method and instrument  used  for monitoring powder flow behaviours ; data which can be valuable to understand powder discharge challenges and down time; for more information go to ;

5-Refractometer: Ideal instrument for Determination of the alcohol or extract content in beer, spices, wine or spirits, for further information go to ;

6-Polarimeter: High-speed polarimeter which reduces the measurement time to approx. 1 s regardless of the sample’s angle of rotation , for further information go to ;

7-Denismeter: Measurement instrument built technology to include Pre-defined scales such as density, relative density, brix, alcohol and sulfuric acid concentration, for further information go to;

8-Melting: Fundamental technique in sample analysis, yielding essential information on material composition and purity, for further information go to;

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