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Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS)


  • Reliable trace analysis even in most difficult matrices
  • Wide dynamic concentration range
  • Best in class usability – no expert knowledge required
  • The only AAS with capability for Direct analysis of Metal elements in liquid and solid samples at trace level without chemical treatment or digestion of samples, it is also the most; Reliable trace analysis even in most difficult matrices (ZEEnit 700 P)
  • Analytik Jena offers the ZEEnit series of reliable analytical instruments with the proven Zeeman AAS technology.
  • The Zeeman background correction used here is one of the most powerful background corrections in the field of AAS and ensures reliable results.
  • Both Zeeman AAS, the ZEEnit 650 P and the ZEEnit 700 P, are compact spectrometers equipped with a transversally-heated high-performance graphite furnace.
  •  The Zeeman magnetic field control for Zeeman background correction enables variable adjustment of the magnetic field strength up to one Tesla in various possibilities, the 2-field / 3-field and dynamic mode, thus providing maximum sensitivity and an extended working range. The systems are also equipped with a powerful deuterium background correction.
  • The ZEEnit 700 P provides furthermore a fully automatic flame mode, which is available in a second sample compartment, thus covering a wide concentration range.
  • The operation of the systems is simple and user-friendly, as many processes are automated.
  • This is implemented in a compact design by numerous integrated components, such as a carousel for 8 hollow cathode lamps, an RFID tool for the use of coded hollow cathode lamps as well as super lamps, a sampler for graphite furnace technology with automatic dilution function and a furnace vision tool. Pre-programmed methods for typical applications as well as a quick start function in the software allow a quick start for routine applications.
  •  With the combination of the unique direct AAS solids sampling and the ZEEnit graphite furnace technology, the effort for sample preparation can be minimized.
  • Zeeman AAS with ONE +ONE Atomizer compartment for fast switching between flame and graphite furnace or hydride mode without hardware conversation for highest flexibility, additionally Equipped with Furnace Camera.


  • Determination of mineral contents in nonalcoholic
  • Trace Analysis of Toxic Elements in Surface and Drinking Water by Combined AAS Techniques
  • Determination of toxic traces of cadmium, lead, and thallium in food

Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS):  Atomic absorption spectrometry is a proven technique for the determination of elements in the medium to low concentration range.
ZEEnit Series Product of Analytik Jena

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