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Water & Environment Molecular spectroscopy

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  • It offers high-speed wavelength scanning across the UV and Visible Spectrum, and comes with over 250 pre-programmed methods including the most common water and environmental testing methods used today.
  • With optional accessories allowing for high-volume testing via a carousel sample changer, and increased accuracy with a sample delivery system that eliminates optical difference errors, this instrument ensures you are ready to handle your wide-ranging water testing needs.
  • Features with an integrated quality assurance software package allows for scheduling, documenting and interpreting your needed quality measurements.
  • For Water Testing Needs, All in One Spectrophotometer
  • Accessories for High Volume and High Accuracy Testing Needs
  • Advanced Quality Assurance at Your Fingertips
  • Guided Procedures and Elimination of False Readings
  • Automatically Avoids Errors


  • 250 pre-programmed methods (analytes) including the most common water and environmental testing methods used today in Municipal waste and portable water, Water and Beverage industry
  • Monitoring Iron Transport in Power Generation
  • Complete Water Analysis Solutions for Power, Heat & Steam Generation

HACH provides one of the leading Direct Reading spectrophotometer instruments family in the water analysis market. Hence creates solutions that make your daily routine of testing.

DR Spectrophotometer SERIES (DR 1900, DR 3900 DR 6000)
Hach has been innovating with spectrophotometry technology for over 70 years and offers many of the leading spectrophotometer instruments in the water analysis market. Hach creates solutions that make your daily routine of testing easier.

If clients operating in a field or mobile environment, the DR1900 brings Hach quality and accuracy to your field measurements in a compact, portable, and user-friendly package.
For clients operating in a lab environment, the DR3900 and DR6000 benchtop spectrophotometers provide reliable, accurate measurements time after time.

The DR6000 and DR3900 are available with RFID technology in select regions, providing cleints with a simple, easy way to see how TNTplus’ individual calibration information compares to the instrument’s factory calibration curve; by just holding the Hach TNTplus box to the scanner, and that’s it.

DR6000 UV-VIS Laboratory Spectrophotometer
The DR6000™ is the industry’s most advanced laboratory spectrophotometer for water testing.

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